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                Treat customers with sincerity and win with quality


                Compression and wear resistance

                Fashion experience

                Professional focus
                bright color

                High Quality

                Culture stone
                cement culture stone

                More offers

                Meet different needs of customers

                HeBei Yi County Hua Yu Stone Material Co.,LTD

                HeBei Yi County Hua Yu Stone Material Co.,LTD has estab-lished itself as one of the leading independent manufacturer and exporter of naturals late and stone tiles in China with 30 years' history.We are engaged in stone-related mining, processing and exproting.Meanwhile we own four slate quarries:HY014 ,HY020,HY104andHY013。

                We have a full rang of products such as slate, mosaics, netpastes, stepping stone, roofing slate, machine-made cobblestone, culture stone。sourced directly from our own quarries.We aregood at customized orders with different finishings:Calibrated,un-calibrated,split,saw cut,tumbled and honed。Our products mainly export to US,Canada,Europe,Japan ect。

                Our aim is to offer high quality and a full range of natural slates。We can offer you the most suitable product for your need at acompetitive price。

                Cultural stone enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales

                Hebei Yixian Huayu Stone Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved and registered by relevant national departments. It can be widely used in environmental protection and health to decorate houses with cultural stones, which will not produce harmful gases. It is very healthy, simple and fast in construction, and has high durability and wear performance.

                Professional development and design team and production design experience

                Cultural stone is corrosion-resistant, low water absorption and light in texture. No smell, no pollution, dust-proof and self-cleaning function, maintenance free, simple installation, cost saving. Various styles and colors, good matching effect.

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